Spanish I

Course Introduction 

Spanish I is a class based on the fundamentals of speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. We will use every opportunity together to improve our communicative skills in the language. Since the class expectation is to speak Spanish whenever possible, a lot is learned in just a short amount of time.

Our time in class will be spent doing a variety of activities. Participation is critical. You have the opportunity to earn 5 participation points every day. Effective participation includes sharing your knowledge of class material, asking questions, completing daily work and or/homework, and using class time for the benefit of learning Spanish.

 There will be a sign posted on the board informing you when you are expected to speak Spanish only. At times the sign will be taken down and English will be spoken to learn new and/or challenging concepts. It is crucial you take advantage of these opportunities because from that point on you will be expected to use the new grammar in our every day class work. We will use our new knowledge of Spanish to then complete writing, reading, listening, and/or speaking assignments.


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Class Activities

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